Escher Lizard Lack Hack

DSC07360 (Custom)

One day, I rested my lizard spiral pattern on my Lack side table and an idea was born. The pattern is laser cut from 3mm plywood and is based on the Escher image “Development II”

I stained 3 sheets of laser plywood with wood dye, Mahogany, Jacobean Oak and Antique Pine. I decided a plain/white border around the edge of the table would look best. Three different sets of lizards were cut, one in each colour and then I mixed and matched the appropriate parts while gluing them onto the top of the table. This does mean I now have three Escher side tables kicking round my house.

I sanded the top of the Lack table to key the surface of the table and help the glue stick to it.

DSC07368 (Custom) DSC07372 (Custom) DSC07373 (Custom) DSC07374 (Custom) DSC07375 (Custom) DSC07376 (Custom)DSC07367 (Custom) DSC07355 (Custom)

The border was split into four parts, one for each side of the table. The largest lizards interlock nicely with the border and hold it in place while the glue sets.

It’s easiest to build up the lizards in rings working towards the centre. Once you’re at the middle you can fit the centre piece with a little bit of wiggling.

More images and information can be found on my blog.