Teenage Dreams to Antique Reality


Materials: Noresund Queensized bed frame

The Noresund Bed frame was my first queen sized bed as a teenager. I loved the swirls and how it was almost antique looking. When I finally moved into my first house I was lusting after a real grownup bed and fell in love with the trend of brightly colored antique frames. I decided rather than buying an expensive new colored frame ($899 +) I would convert my Noresund.


Step 1. First I used a hacksaw to cut out the swirls in the head and foot board, leaving the arches at the top to create an antique look.


Step 2. I filed back the sharp edges and used QuickSteel putty to fill in the holes left by the hollow tubing.


Step 3. I sanded the filed and puttied edges, then lightly sanded the entire metal frame. In order to this this I took it completely apart.

Step 4. I hung the separate sections up and painted the entire frame with a grey rust converter undercoat,


Step 4. I went to the hardware and chose a matte mint green wall paint. I painted this in three coats over the entire frame. 1 300ml sample pot for $7.50 was enough (just) to paint the entire frame.


Step 5. I reassembled the frame in our new room! voila!

~ E.J Babbage