2×2 Expedit Desk Hack


Materials: EXPEDIT

My husband and I moved into a smaller home and I needed a small desk for our desktop computer. So, off to Ikea I went and purchased a 2X2 Expedit, put it together and left the top divider out, cut off the pegs flush with the shelf that hold said divider in place. The enlarged space is for the printer.

Then I purchased a 14 inch set of drawer slides and a nice piece of 15X48 inch wood at Lowes. Since the directions for the drawer slides are to have the drawer 1/2 inch smaller than the width of the space, I had the boys at Lowes cut it for me. Then I went home, took off the top of the Expedit by unscrewing those big bolts so I could attach the part of the slide that goes inside the walls of the unit, then reattached the top. All I had to do was sand, stain (ebony), and polyurethane the board (with at least 3 coats) and add the slides. I had to play around a bit with where the slides needed to be attached.

I am very pleased with such a simple hack!