“Clown puke” Lack coffee table


Materials: LACK coffee table

After several years of use as a foot rest and countless cold drinks being rested on an IKEA Lack coffee table, it’s top has definitely taken a turn for the worse and the fake wood print started to peel off.

But since it had the ideal height for being used as a foot rest when sitting on my sofa, I wanted to keep the table. One day at the home improvement store, I saw some colourful bathroom tiles and decided to try to put them onto my old coffee table. If they’re good enough for a wet bathroom, they should be good for almost anything a living room could through at them.

The actual procedure was very easy.. I lightly sanded the table top to get rid of all the bubbles and imperfections it collected over the years, mixed enough of the white tile glue they sold me with the tiles to lay down one strip of tile mats and pressed the mats down on the thick layer of glue (thus filling the tile joints during the process) and took off the excess glue with a wet sponge and continued with the next set of tile mats until the table was done..

Only three hours after I started, I could already set my feet back on my (now unique) Lack table again, now worth several times its cost at IKEA(the table was like 15EUR when I bought it, the tiles and glue came to 50-60EUR)… But I think it was worth it.