Lamplig Hifi Rack


Materials: LAMPLIG chopping boards

Do you have hifi or media separates? Do they need a home? Are you annoyed that anything with the name “hifi” or “audiophile” is immediately overpriced?

Me too!

I came up with the harebrained idea of making my own hifi rack when I realised the Lamplig chopping board looks great, and is exactly the right width. I found this site after I started, so I thought I’d share the love. I hope someone finds it useful.

Disclaimer: as usual, this moneysaving hack is nowhere near as cheap to finish as you’d hope. It’ll also likely eat right into all that free time you thought you had, like all “moneysaving” hacks tend to do.

Apart from the Ikea chopping board, everything else I bought on eBay. I used expensive bits to look pretty, but the plans’ll let you swap some bits out for cheaper.

Warning: my plans will give you shelves that allow for a maximum unit height of about 110mm (4.5″). If your separates are taller than that (I’m looking at you, surround sound amp!), then you need to modify these plans. Good luck!

Second warning: the Lamplig is 460mm wide, so this is the maximum width item you can put on the shelves. Do be careful, Bond.

Enough words, check out the plans. Keep your eye out for my mistakes, who knows how many there are. Sorry in advance.

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