Penny Topped Ikea Lack Side Table


Hi all,

After viewing lots of hacks on here and various Pinterest posts I had to make something of my own. I decided on creating a penny topped Ikea lack table!

What is needed:

Ikea Black/Brown Lack table
Wood moulding
Black paint
Picture frame mount
10mm reinforced glass
621 Pennies
Brasso cleaner (wadding)

Overall this took way longer than I’d initially planned as I’d thought of using a mix of both clean and dirty but then I decided I wanted a sheen finish so painstakingly cleaned each and every coin.

Moulding was used for the edges to create the insert for the coins. A picture frame mount was used because the coins did not go right to the edge on all sides so the coins just float away under the mount leaving a nice professional edge.


Went for reinforced glass to avoid any damage and luckily the 10mm thickness worked perfectly for the depth left by the moulding.

I could have created a pattern or used alternative layouts but I like the lines this creates to the eye just simply from having them in a honeycomb style layout.

Job done…next!