IKEA small side table hacks: 15 minute DIY projects

ikea small side table hacks

The most popular small table from IKEA is the LACK side table. But it isn’t always ideal in terms of style, size and storage.

Greg hacked his own small side table from items he found in the IKEA As-Is. Just as easy as assembling a LACK.

#1 Small table from IKEA drawer front

We were looking for a small table for our front room but could not find anything of a suitable size. When we came across a STENSUND drawer front and four PERSHULT shelf supports in the Bargain Bin at our local IKEA, we found our solution.

IKEA Items Used:

IKEA STENSUND drawer front and 4 PERSHULT wall brackets

Other Materials:

  • Various screws and washers from my toolbox
  • Screwdriver and bradawl

DIY IKEA small side table

Not really a lot to say about the construction other than:

Make sure the screws are not too long for the wood

With the size of STENSUND drawer, we had to overlap the legs slightly and offset one side compared to the other – but it doesn’t show in the finished piece.

Use a few washers to maximise the amount of support from the PERSHULT brackets.

Took me about 15 mins for the whole build.

And here we have our small table from IKEA odds and ends.

IKEA Small Side table from drawer front and wall brackets

We like the appearance from the STENSUND drawer rather than a plain piece of wood. The same idea can be applied on any other drawer front or piece of wood.

Hope you like the result.

~ by Greg Toland

#2 LACK small side table with shelf hack

We needed a small table next to the couch. So we bought an IKEA LACK side table and built a smaller shelf underneath.

Here’s a shot of the shelf under the LACK side table. It’s hidden shelf to put our remote controls.

ikea lack side table with hidden shelf

IKEA LACK side table white (55*55*45)

IKEA LACK small side table with shelf hack

First we constructed a tray with 3 sides out of plywood.

Then, we fastened the shelf to the underside of LACK side table using L-shaped mounting brackets on all 3 sides.

LACK side table assembled
shelf tray on the underside
attached with L brackets to the underside

When we put the LACK upright, the shelf didn’t show and wasn’t obvious. You can paint it to make it even more seamless.

~ Zanna, Sweden