Solid TV Stand from LAGAN countertop


Materials: LAGAN, CAPITA

Let’s start with the bad news first. I appear to have gotten hold of one of the last Lagan kitchen worktops sold, because they are now discontinued, and have been replaced by the identical Hammarp, at nearly twice the price. But, there is now a reasonably priced Oak version.

Back to the beginning. Inspired by a number of rather expensive media credenzas on the web and the Mid-Century Lack TV Stand hack here I endeavoured to mix the two and create one out of solid wood. The Lagan (now Hammarp) solid birch 246x60x2.8 cm is a useful place to start.

Many size configurations are possible until the material runs out, but I went for a main body 100 cm wide, 40 cm deep and with an internal height of 20 cm (DVD being 19 cm or so). So, 2 pieces of 100×40 cm, 2 pieces of 40×20 cm, 1 piece of 20×20 cm, and 4 pieces of 20×10 cm.

Get and use an electric saw for this or get it cut for you… the panel saw was a lot of effort and required a fair bit of planing afterwards.

Next, lots of drilling and fitting dowels. 4 along each edge, top and bottom, and 2 top and bottom for the middle piece (which is set back from centre made it sturdy enough for my purposes and avoid brackets and screws showing anywhere. Assemble the main body, then attach legs. I used the largest version of the Capita, 21 cm [now apparently also discontinued] and put the small 20×10 pieces together in 2 stacks to gain extra 6 cm in height. Again, using dowels, so the entire thing can come apart in seconds if required but does not like being pushed about on the floor since it is heavy (the whole piece of wood was 32 kg, so about 25 kg left here). In future I may use 12 inch hairpin legs as an alternative. It could use a cable organiser, but at the moment they coil away reasonably well behind the DVDs etc.

Sand, oil, and finish. Repeat.

Alternative use: coffee table.