chess board (1000x541)

Materials: Kallax shelving unit, Rekarne coffee tabl

Using the Kallax shelving unit and the Rekarne coffee table I built a 4-in-1 Ottoman. It can be used to store toys and games, the flat surface can be used to play games or can be drawn on with chalk, and it can be used as a seat.

1. Build the shelving unit according to IKEA’s directions.

2. Add a board to one side of the shelf to create a bottom.

shelving assembley (800x418)

3. Drill holes in the bottom and add caster wheels.

shelving wheels on bottom (800x375)

6. The unit can now be place down on the wheels and used to store toys and games.

items fit into shelf (1000x528)

5. I then masked the edges of the table top of the Rekarne coffee table and painted it using magnetic chalkboard paint.

chalk board paint (1000x533)

6. On the other side of the table I used masking tape to make the outline for a chessboard.

chess board (1000x516)

chess board (1000x541)

final shelving assembly (1000x543)