Bad closet turns to good craft space in Laundry room


Materials: ALRIK swivel chair, GRUNDTAL shelf, LANSA handles, LINNMON table top, RATIONEL glass shelves, SLATTHULT wall poppies

This area was a hard to reach closet so I took down the wall and created a crafting area/ folding table. LINNMON table top was the main star, as it was cut down to accommodate the strange footprint of the room. It caps off a repurposed kitchen cabinet and above the craft area, LANSA handles add bling to the painted cabinets.


GRUNDTAL wall shelf houses laundry soap and also acts as a drying rack for unmentionables, and the backsplash is RATIONELL glass shelves painted on the back to give a glass like glow to the space. The space is finished off with SLATTHULT wall poppies and ALRIK swivel chair in red to go with the red washer and dryer.