KALLAX workstation

KALLAX workstation

Materials: Two KALLAX units, two EKBY STILIG shelf brackets, two TERTIAL lamps

I built this KALLAX workstation as a gift to my husband, who is a scenic and lighting designer. I purchased two white KALLAX shelving units to use as the core of the workstation.

Top & Base: I had a friend CNC route four sheets of 3/4″ A-grade plywood: Two sheets sandwiched together to make the top with routed holes to insert metal cups and a magnetic pin tray. Two sheets were sandwiched together to form the base.

photo 1

Sides & Shelf: Two sheets of A-grade plywood sandwiched together for each side. Two sheets of A-grade plywood sandwiched together and attached to side using EKBY STILIG brackets.

Wheels: Four 5″ tall industrial rubber casters.

The whole unit is 84″ long, 38″ wide, and 40″ tall.