Computer Workstation Hack with Klimpen + Ekby

Computer workstation in action

Ikea components:
[GBP 23] EKBY TONY shelf 301.395.95
[GBP 60] KLIMPEN table top 002.931.64
[GBP 50] x 2 KLIMPEN Table leg with storage, white 202.777.85
[GBP 9] x 2 CAPITA leg, stainless steel 102.678.95
[GBP 10] x 2 SIGNUM cable tidy 302.002.53
Total GBP 221

Being quite tall, I wanted a desk with an elevated monitor shelf so that the viewing height was comfortable whilst sitting in my chair. I also wanted to utilise shelves at each end for positioning of additional computer kit.


I searched here on Ikea Hackers for inspiration and finally settled on a design based on the ‘Klimpen’ table desk incorporating two “table legs with storage” which seem to bear a remarkable resemblance to bookcases.

I hacked the bookcases by drilling holes; two to accommodate LED strip lights running inside the top of the unit, and a further two larger holes to route cables for any kit that needed to be stored on either of the two shelves.


Bookcase assembled

The monitor shelf is actually an ‘Ekby Tony’ shelf supported on eight ‘Capita’ stainless steel legs. You can see in the photo that the LED strip runs around the underside of the shelf which provides excellent reflective properties.

Testing LED Strip Lights

Two 20cm x 100mm duct pipes provide cable routing from the back of the monitor shelf to the two ‘Signum’ cable management trays on the underside of the table top.

Cable Management Tube

Once assembled, the LED strip provides light that is both useful for working

Computer Workstation Hack with Klimpen + Ekby

…and looks pretty cool too!

Computer Workstation Hack with Klimpen + Ekby


See the setup on video.

~ by RonR, Hampshire UK