Kids workbench

ikea hack work bench

Materials: PS 2012 coffee table

Wanted to make a work bench for my three year old son for his plastic toy tools. Since I think the regular one from Ikea is a bit boring and didn’t match the new playroom I wanted to do my own.

1. I used the white PS 2012 coffee table, and put it together as the instructions said.

2. Then I got a peg board from my dad and made a frame to it, just to make it a bit more steady. You can decide the size from how much you want to fit in to it, and the height of your kids. It need to cover the four holes on the side of the table though, since this is where you want to screw it to the table. I painted the pegboard in black.

ikea hack work bench 2

3. In the peg board frame I made holes with the same measurements between as the four holes on one side of the table. In this way I could remove the four screws that put the table together on that side, and put new longer ones in. Found at the hardware store.

4. I also found some yellow plastic boxes, and some hooks for tools in the hardware store. Just use the color you like, and your creativity. The red drill came from an old broken plastic tool bench we got from a friend.

5. Start playing. The best thing is, that this hack is quite easy to do. And when your kids get tired of it, you could turn it in to a kitchen play area or just use it as a coffee table again.