Playful Space-Saving Baby Clothing Rack, Wall-Hung

baby clothing rack-2

IKEA items used:
1. HJÄLMAREN towel shelf ($24.99)
2. HÄNGA Children’s coat-hanger, natural

Other items and tools required:
1. 4 colorful ceramic drawer knobs.
2. Dremel (to shorten the pins of the knobs)

Our nursery does not have a closet, and most of baby’s clothing is stored in a chest of drawers. Wardrobe is not an option due to the small size of the nursery, so we needed some other solution to hang her dresses and such.

Walking around IKEA, I saw a HJÄLMAREN towel shelf and realized it would be perfect to make a hanging baby’s clothing rack, with one simple modification.

To make this towel shelf look more like a child’s clothing rack, I replaced the standard (black) knobs it came with, with a playful ceramic drawer knobs which can be found online in variety of shapes and designs.

baby clothing rack-3

Those knobs usually have very long pins to accommodate for different drawer front thicknesses. So after you screw the new knobs onto HJÄLMAREN shelf you need to cut the back of the pins (for example, with the Dremel), so that the shelf can still hang flush to the wall.

Use the small coat hangers (“Organization” section of IKEA) to hang the cute baby clothing on the rail and hang scarves and other accessories on the knobs. The rack has such a small profile, that it can easily be hung on the wall behind the door (as it is the case in our nursery).

baby clothing rack-1


~ by Dinah V.

Jules Yap