KVARTAL wall art panels

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Materials: 2 rolls of panel curtains (reed-like paper), 2 sets KVARTAL top & bottom rails, 4 KVARTAL wall hardware mounts, KVARTAL 55″ single track rail (cut in half)

I needed to fill a tall empty wall flanking our gas fireplace stack. The KVARTAL wall system provided the perfect backdrop for an upcycled art project. First I hacksawed the single track rail. I mounted the wall hardware and installed the panel in the top rail holder (only) to get an idea of how it looked before scissor cutting it to desired length. I then took the panel down, cut the other one to matching length and worked on them flat on the floor.

I used a fancy art-store stencil to spray paint a few background designs, along with carefully burnt-edge tissue paper squares. I used vinyl folders to make the other stencil patterns. I then cut my designs from old wallpaper sample books the local paint store was done using. The tissue and wallpaper pieces were glued on using Mod-Podge. When all was dry I added the remaining top and bottom rails and hung them in their tracks.

Voila! Museum-quality-looking art panels custom-designed for my home! Even the bear looks happy!