Lack tables get new life


Materials: LACK x 2

We had 2 Lack tables that we were not using and wanted a coffee table with inside storage…
We decided to re-use the lack and see what we could do with this.

We combined the 1 full Lack table and one top (that was to become the base) with some wood paneling we had lying around.

1. We cut the grooves in the legs, to insert the panel. They were cut with a table saw, about 1/16th of an inch deep, 3/16th inch wide (=2 passes with the width of the saw blade), 1/4 inch from the edge of the legs.

2. We wanted the table to keep its original height, so we shortened all the legs by about 2 inches, using the table saw as well. Legs are hollow, so we kept the bottom base full piece and glued it back on, once they were cut.

3. Cut the paneling to size, to fit inside the legs.


4. Respray paint the Lack pieces, since they were old and damaged a bit. We were planning on painting the paneling, but ended up liking the wood/white contrast.

5. Slide the panels into the grooves

6. Fit the 2nd table top as the base of the table. Used 3 inch screws, screwing through the original holes, from the bottom of the base into the legs.