Make your mirror look like 1000$


Make a grundtal mirror look like a modern “gubi mirror”

So what you need is:

Grundtal mirror
Leather belts or leather straps approx 240 cm.
Belt buckle
Rivet tool
Stud rivets
A hammer
Hole puncher

So if you buy belts instead of leather straps you can skip the first part.

Usually leather straps comes in the length of 120 cm so you will need 2 for them to wrap around the mirror. Start by using the hole puncher to create holes in the bottom and connecting them to the other belt strap by using the stud rivets, rivet tool and a hammer.

When you have done this you can immediately attach the belt buckle to the end of the leather strap using the same method as above.

DSC_0839  DSC_7643 DSC_7649

Now you’re ready to attach the leather to the mirror, use glue on 80% of the mirror side and use a thick enough layer to make sure that it’s kept in place. Attach the leather to the mirror and use clamps all along the leather and glue and leave it to dry for about 24 hours.

Attach the end with the belt buckle to the other end of the leather strap using the hole puncher and Voila, you got yourself a modern mirror.