Modern Dog Bed


Materials: Dvala fitted sheet, Kallax Shelving unit, Sultan Lade slatted bed base, Vyssa Slummer Mattress for small bed

After an exhausting search for a modern dog bed that was reasonably priced, I decided to see if anything at Ikea would meet my need. I was so please at how easy it was to do (under an hour for two beds) and how great they turned out. I have friends asking me to make them for their dogs.

image image image image

I partially assembled the Kallex shelving unit, minus the center dividers. Placing it on its back I added 1×2 furring strips I found at my local lumber store for under $1. About 1 inch of the Sultan Lade slats had to be cut so it would fit snuggly within the base. I used 6 slats for each dog bed. Carefully cutting the Vyssa Slummer mattress in half, I closed the open end by simply sewing the mattress cover. The Dlava fitted sheet was wrapped around the mattress twice, which makes for easy removal for washing. My dogs love their new beds!