Laser Etching Mirror – Pet Memorial

Ikea Pet Memorial Dog Mirror

Memorial plaques can be expensive but we all want to remember our beloved pets. With the help of a Trotec laser turn a simple IKEA mirror into a beautiful keepsake by laser etching.

We used the HONEFOSS mirror from Ikea, which comes in a pack of 10 for just £15.

Ikea Hackers Dog Mirror

Import your chosen picture in CorelDraw.

You now need to remove the background from the image. Using CorelDraw use the edit bitmap tool>image>cut out lab to access CorelPaint.

Use the outline tool to draw a rough line around your pet. Use the fill tool to select the part of the image you want to keep and preview the image.

Clean up the images using the add and remove detail tools to restore parts of the images which may have been removed or to delete any background which remains in the image.

Save the image and return to CorelDraw

Invert the image to give the appearance of a negative. Effects>transform>invert

Send the image to JobContol using the ‘print’ function.

We used a Trotec Laser Speedy 300

Laser etch the mirror from the back.

Settings – 500 dpi 30% speed 100% power on an 80 watt Speedy 300.

The final result, a laser etched mirror keepsake of your pet. Simply replace the laser settings at the bottom of the image with a personalised message.