Pappis goes for PAPer archIveS


Materials: PAPPIS, adhesive paper

A long time ago I did a hack for filing my 43 suspension folders.

I needed more and more to go into these files, so got tired (or older?) to lift the ‘heavy’ lid each time. I looked for several options to find a new system but they were either too expensive or too …rough office-like.

Then my eyes caught an old Pappis box and I gave it a try to do something with it.
I’m surprised by the result and how sturdy it is: I really expected it to be a temporary solution but… it will last a lot more time than I initially thought. The result is not ugly on your shelf and you can customise it the way you wish!


As I’m sure some questions will pop up the hanging files themselves and their size because I myself had a looooot when looking at solution:
– I used these ones (Esselte Pendaflex): simple but I have them for …at least 15 years and they are still in good shape.
– I was also surprised I could fit all my A4 papers of course, but also enveloppes and wide plastic files for instance. this was a bonus as I thought I might have needed to reorganise the existing files

Jerry, BE