Need some thing to store 43 folders?

It’s Jeraldine again, now with a file holder. I like this and can see it working really nicely for my stash of papers and GTD tickler files.

She says, “I had this storage box to which I had added wheels to move it easier. It was previously in a refurbished bathroom to stock towels. At the same time, I had papers that I needed to store and I tried to set up a system to hang my papers in some office files.

I bought a thin piece of wood, cut it in 2 to a little bit less than the width of Apa. Cut them the exact breadth and you will be stuck trying to slide them into the groove. Then I filed down both ends of the wood to half its height to allow them to enter in the existing upper track of the Apa wood. I had to file the ends down because using a piece of wood as thin as the groove will not support the weight of the paper files. I installed the pieces of wood according to the breadth of the hanging office files and stored my papers! I’ll paint the storage box in a later stage.”