Catpedit, the Expedit hacked for cats and books alike

17 Finished case_800

Materials: EXPEDIT

This IKEA hack turns the 5×5 Expedit bookcase into a resting place for both cats and books with an integrated staircase.

Our cats, Mojito and Tequila, love to climb and hide away in our furniture. The biggest piece of furniture in our living room is the 5×5 Expedit. We were inspired by designer Corentin Dombrecht and his Cat-Library made from modular square blocks.

By making the top right half of the case more shallow, we create a set of stairs. Using the leftover wood we made smaller steps to bridge the height of a full Expedit square.

You see the staircase emerging from cutting the horizontal shelves in a particular way. But the real challenge is cutting the horizontal shelf, which is hollow and filled with paper. The top shelf contain two holes to allow the cats to reach their special platform. It protrudes from the case, giving the cats a good view of the room.

Check out my blogpost for detailed instructions and a 3D model to download of the original Expedit and hacked Catpedit.