Custom-made bathroom closet for small bathroom


Materials: FAKTUM closet, LAGAN countertop

I saw a beautiful bathroom closet in a shop that was more than 1000€ and too big for our bathroom. Our bathroom is tiny and the closet would have to be right next to the door, so size was essential.

After some thinking I came up with a plan of my own and went to Ikea for some items…. One Faktum wall closet (great because it is not too deep) and the Lagan countertop (not sure if they still sell it, but you should find similar ones in DIY). In a local DIY shop I got a round stick of wood, 15mm diameter, and a wood drill of the same size.

First, I assembled the Faktum and cut 2 openings in the top and one in the back for the plumbing.


Then I cut the Lagan to size (about 10cm longer than the Factum on either side). I cut a piece out on either end, drilled a hole through the remaining part and put the stick through.


That makes a nice built-in towel holder! For the plumbing I cut the same openings as in the Faktum.

Next I fixed the Lagan to the Faktum and the Faktum to the wall.


I oiled the Lagan as well as the sticks to make them waterproof. Then I put the sink on the Lagan.


Finally I connected the pipes of the sink and used the leftover pieces of Lagan to make shelves!