Molger frame for two

Materials: 2 Molger leg frames, Pragel countertop in black, 2 Hollviken sinks, 2 Price Pfister faucets (from Lowe’s- no longer avaiable)screws, drill, L brackets, saw,

Description: We had a teeny tiny bathroom in a teeny tiny house. We decided the one thing we really didnt want to compromise on was the bathroom and with lots and lots of sketches we found a way to have a double sink vanity.


We used the Molger leg frames. Even these were too large in depth. Since the frame comes in pieces it was easy to cut them down to the depth we needed. We then fastened two of the frames together by using one large piece of pragel countertop cut to size. We then cut out two holes for the Hollviken sinks and dropped them in.

Unexpectedly, this project was a cinch since the plumbing was exposed and there was plenty of room to work.

The result: a double vanity sink in a teeny tiny bathroom.

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~ Jade, Austin, TX