Got a MALM bed with drawers? Want easy nightstands?


Materials: 2x ikea lack tables + 2 1ft strips of velcro

I’ve been looking around for easy nightstand options for my MALM king size bed which has drawers for a long time. Problem is with these drawers under the bed, if you put a nightstand next to your bed, it will block the drawers from opening. Ikea used to have bolt on nightstands that avoided this (for the previous generation lower MALM bed) but those options are now long gone. This simple Lack hack provides me with enough clearance to access my drawers as well as give me a sturdy nightstand option. Good thing they make the Lack in a matching color.

1. Hack off about 0.75in off of 2x of the legs to bring the table to bed height. I would measure this height yourself to verify. I used a miter saw for this. Chops off easily. The legs are hollow.
2. Put together the Lack table with those 2 legs on one side only
3. Apply velcro to the bed and to the bottom of the Lack table. This keeps the table from moving as well as keeping it easily reversible or movable.

So basically half the table rests on its original but sawed-off legs and half of it rests on the frame of the bed.