IKEA Pencils made pretty with washi tape

ikea pencils with washi tape

Whenever we go to IKEA, we always end up with a pencil or two, a souvenir from scribbling our shopping list.

I stumbled upon this DIY project on Pinterest and thought we could do the same with the IKEA pencil. It’s a straightforward DIY for children to create their custom pencils. Of course, you can use any pencil, not just IKEA pencils. It will work for pens and markers too.


  • IKEA pencil
  • Washi tape

Help your child measure the length of the pencil and cut the appropriate length of washi tape.

Stick the tape lengthwise over the pencil. If your tape is narrow you may need two lengths of tape.

That’s it. It’s simple but a nice way to reuse IKEA pencils and a fun DIY to make with kids.

~ by Matemo