Billy the robot

billy the robot

A jigsaw
Paint Laundry

For the body
Billy Bookcase 40X102cm
cabinet door (the one disc)
sandpaper and some acrylic paint

For the 2 arms and 4 “plates”:
An extra shelf from a 80cm wide Billy shelf
Two long screws with color plates and bolts

For antenna:
A small wooden bowl
A small plastic ball
mounting glue

For Feet:
Particle board

So the first thing I did was to assemble the parts of the cabinet. Then I sketched the robot’s various parts. The took out the extra shelf and sawed round rings to attach the arms. Then I took two particle board and glue it together and cut them to make the feet. Drilled in a small wooden bowl and stuck a floral stick which later became a small antenna. Then I set to paint all the parts after surface roughened up a bit and washed with sugar soap. After they were all dry I cut out the eyes, mouth and control panel in cardboard that I also paint on with black acrylic paint that dries quickly.



Once everything has dried, I drilled holes through the cabinet wall where I fit in the arms and round plates on a long screw. A small round plate on each side of the arms. Finally, I attach it with a nut.  The small bowl and flower stick on the top with some glue and I put the rubber ball that is actually a cat toy by making a small cross with a knife. This is fitted with construction adhesive. The feet is also there with construction adhesive can also be screwed from behind. Now the robot is finished! You can also rotate the arm outward so you can hang a bag on it.

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~ Pink Friday