Grundtal headphone hanger


Materials: Grundtal toilet roll holder


1: Mount Grundtal toilet roll holder to the underside of your desk, with the bar at the bottom and the open end forward.

2: Hang things.

Further information:

I just put together a new desk and was looking for a place to store my headphones — a nice set of B&O’s I like to have on standby for when I *really* want to listen to something (or not listen to something). They’re big and I don’t like having a cable strewn across my desk. “Hang them under the desk!” I exclaimed.

So after searching around for something attractive, simple, sturdy, and with a big enough holding part to not damage the band, went to the bathroom to… well, I went to the bathroom and my eyes landed on the Grundtal toilet roll holder mounted to the wall by my toilet.

“Ah ha!”

I promptly acquired a second such toilet roll holder (I still needed a place to keep toilet paper in the bathroom, alas), marked my mounting points on the underside of my desk, drilled pilot holes, and screwed it into place.

And then I hung my headphones.

The audio cable is run under my desk to a USB audio adapter, so all I have to do is grab them, plop them on my head, and change the audio out destination on my computer.

It’s a simple hack, yes, merely remounting and repurposing one thing to hold something else, but it serves my needs quite well.

Jules Yap