Jackson Pollock inspired lamp and media unit

jackson pollock ikea drawer

After I moved into a smaller apartment I was forced to set my home office in the space where the living room is. I had no choice but to hack the MICKE drawer unit since the item was white while the rest of the furniture mostly black.

Furthermore, I needed a furniture for my amplifier and turntable but still needed to use the drawers. So I decided to use the desk drawers MICKE for two purposes.

To get the desk to blend with the room, painter and friend Stefanos Alafouzos came up with the idea to hack the item in a Jackson Pollock painting style. The painting would add a splash of black to tone down the white. It took him 1 hour, not including drying time. The cost was approximately 10$ for half a litre of black enamel paint and a brush.

We also placed a 12cm high, 50cm x 35cm of 2cm thick melamine wood panel on top of the Micke drawer unit. This is to support the DVD/CD player.

Jackson Pollock inspired lamp and media unit

Jackson Pollock inspired lamp and media unit

In order to paint it, I emptied the drawers and placed the item down on the floor. First, on the right side. Stefanos painted directly on to the MICKE drawer unit. Then, we waited for one day for the paint to dry.

After one day, I placed the item on the floor facing front where the drawers are. Stefanos painted directly with the top tip of the brush, using black enamel paint. After the painting was finished I left it to dry for another day. And the MICKE drawer unit was ready.

Jackson Pollock style lamp shade

He also did the same with a SAMTID floor lamp shade.

For the SAMTID floor light, he used enamel metal paint in black (glossy) and a small brush was to apply it. First, the light shade was detached and spread flat on a table in order for the painter to create the Jackson Pollock painting. When it was dry, the shade was assembled and put back on the SAMTID floor light.

Jackson Pollock inspired lamp and media unit

The hack was very easy, nothing hard about it, very simple. Just to show another way of embellishing otherwise plain items.

~ by Christina