Island with dishwasher and water chiller


Materials: Akurum wall and base cabinett, butcher block top, Orsa doors and door fronts

We needed an island at work to house a dishwasher, a water chiller, and provide storage for utensils and extra glasses. We also wanted a working surface and a place for a cooktop. After measuring the clearance required for the water chiller (38″), it became clear a standard cabinet would not do.

The final design included a 4-drawer 15″ wide Akurum base unit on tall legs (plus a 2×4 spacer for more height screwed to the bottom of the base unit), a 39″ high x 36″ wide x 12″ deep Akurum wall cabinet, and a set of Orsa doors to serve as an end plate treatment. I also used a few Orsa drawer fronts as panels above and next to the dishwasher.

IMG_4827 IMG_4828

1) I placed a strip of metal angle bracket on the wall next to the island to bear the weight of the top on that end.

2) I then put plastic feet on the bottom of the wall cabinet and placed it opposite the dishwasher.

3) After adding the legs to the 4-drawer cabinet I placed it next to the dishwasher (back to back to the wall cabinet).

4) I slid 2 Orsa plain end panels on either side of the dishwasher to provide an enclosed space for it to slide in and out of. They were fastened to the floor with angle brackets.

5) I doweled the 2 cabinet doors together and screwed them through the back from the inside of the drawer cabinet to form the finished end of the island.

6) I cut a 2×4 to fit above the dishwasher and screwed it into each end of the side panels – set back 3/4″ from the front of the cabinets. I then back-screwed a Orsa door front to the 2×4 to fit above the dishwasher.

7) I ran the plumbing for the dishwasher out to the right and ran the supply line for the water chiller.

8) I added an Orsa door front to the right of the right side dishwasher panel to hide the plumbing.

9) I cut the butcher block top to size and screwed it from the underside through the cabinets.

10) Using a template, I cut the hole for the drop-in induction cooktop using a drill and jigsaw.

We use this island daily for food prep and cooking for our office.