Lillangen Lift


Materials: Lillangen sink

The Lillangen sink gets an upgrade by trading the standard wall brackets for custom millwork, providing storage and bench seating.

Start with a stud wall with plumbing exposed.

Attach plywood to the studs for added reinforcement, leaving a cut-out for plumbing.

IMG_4534 IMG_4682

Attach wall brackets (these have a 50lb weight limit per bracket) to the plywood backing.

Attach moisture-resistant drywall over the plywood and brackets.

Finish wall as desired, covering everything. In this case, the finish is tile.

Build a wooden box frame to desired dimensions. The lower shelf of this box is extended to create a bench seat in the adjacent shower. The back of the box is open to the tiled wall behind it.


Cut holes in the box top and bottom for water supply and drainage.

Mount the box to the brackets.

Place sink atop box and attach plumbing. Plumbing will secure sink to box.

If desired, attach doors or a towel bar to the box to conceal contents.