NORDEN and all that glitters


Materials: Birch, NORDEN Bench

How do you make an IKEA bench look like a million dollars without it costing a mint? ROLLOUT (a custom wallpaper company) was looking for a seating solution for their new studio space and wanted something that was affordable, interesting, and would speak to their design philosophy. Inspired by the concept and ingenuity behind IKEAHackers, they commissioned Robert Sangster, a surface designer based in Toronto, to gild four NORDEN benches in artificial gold leaf. This subtle hack elevates the utilitarian object, with an industrial standard-issue aesthetic, by transforming it playfully in to something luxurious and unique.


1) Disassemble all pieces of the bench
2) Apply first coat of leaf to side pieces, support bar and underside of all seat slats.
3) Apply first coat of leaf to tops of bench slats, second coat to side pieces and support bar
4) Apply second coat of leaf to underside of bench slats
5) Coat all surfaces that have 2 coats of leaf with oil-based urethane
6) Apply second coat of leaf to top of bench slats
7) Apply 1st coat of urethane to top of bench slats
8) Apply 2nd coat of urethane to all pieces.


Photos: Marcos Armstrong

Jules Yap