How to paint the IKEA STRANDMON wing armchair

I’ve bought a STRANDMON Wing Armchair on MarketPlace, but the color was too light for my living room, so I decided to paint it.

These are the materials & tools I used:


STRANDMON Wing Chair |

  • STRANDMON wing armchair
  • 1 x Textile Color Fabric Paint (Black) from Amazon for 15,00 Euros
  • 2 x Textile Color Fabric Paint (Brown) from Amazon for 30,00 Euros
  • 1 x set of flat brushes from for 9,00 Euros
  • 1 x small paint roller

I also used some leftover black enamel paint that I have at home to paint the feet.

Steps to paint the STRANDMON armchair

First, I placed a plastic wrap on the floor to protect from drips.

paint IKEA armchair

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Then, I mixed one bottle of the brown fabric paint with 1/3 of the black one. This was because the brown was too red, so I mixed them to get a chocolate brown.

I used a small paint roller for the flat areas such as the front, back and seat. And used the flat brushes to cut into the edges and joints.

Load the roller evenly and not too wet to get a more even finish. Best to work in sections.

paint IKEA armchair

I painted on the first coat and waited a day to be sure it was thoroughly dry.

paint IKEA armchair

After it was dry, I painted the second coat.

I wanted to get a more aged / distressed effect, so I added more black paint to the last mixture. It worked and I ended with a slightly darker shade.

Before and After
before after

Lastly, I painted the feet.

Now the darker STRANDMON chair works so much better with my space.

paint IKEA armchair

~ by Maurizio