The change table of my dreams


Materials: CAPITA stainless steel legs, TROFAST frame in white, TROFAST storage boxes

I have been looking for a change table that would a) fit in a small space b) offer ample, easy to access storage c) be used for another purpose post diapers. Nothing I saw that that is currently available in the marketplace excited me. The change tables were either too big, poorly built or too expensive. I knew that I could find something at Ikea that would work as a base. After checking the dimensions of what felt like a million items, I came across Trofast.

Perfect width and length for my space and the change station. I knew that adding legs to the unit would make it that perfect height. And later on, when the diaper stage was over, it could revert back to a toy storage unit.

The pull out storage boxes are so great for organizing things and makes accessing items so easy. I’ve left the large bin on the left empty as a laundry bin.