10 best IKEA and LEGO storage ideas

LEGO storage ideas ikea hacks

IKEA and LEGO go so well together that it’s inevitable to use them together.

While we wait for the fruit of their collaboration, we round up a few of our best IKEA and LEGO storage ideas.

But first … a few words from the wise.

An expert LEGO organiser recommended a 3-step process, which makes a lot of sense if you want a super organised LEGO storage system.

1. Organisation – set up a list of rules to decide where each type of element goes

2. Storage – decide on the right sized containers / storage unit for your categories

3. Sorting – the process of putting each piece in its right place (which is probably the hardest bit to keep up with)

Taking these steps to organise and sort will make it much easier to find the pieces you need and build your LEGOs. Less time hunting and more time playing.

Now, once you’ve decided on the LEGO organisation best for you and your stash of bricks, it’s time to go shopping at IKEA.

10 best IKEA + LEGO storage ideas

#1 A LEGO organizer with TROFAST toy storage

LEGO stationAn impressive storage system to store over 9,000 LEGO bricks! See how Uncle Kai hacked this LEGO organizer.

#2 Dual personalities table and storage

lego table work table

This LEGO shelf serves a dual purpose. It is a LEGO table on one side and a smooth work surface (to be used as a shelf, art table, etc.) when the table top is flipped over. It’s capable of storing LEGO bricks and takes up no floor space. See more of the dual personality LEGO shelf.

#3 Mega LEGO storage table

LEGO storage table

Got tons of bricks? Try this U shaped mega LEGO storage table on for size. It’s based on the TROFAST storage system. See more of the U-shaped large LEGO storage table.

#4 Ultimate LEGO bricks organizer

LEGO bricks organizer

Need to store your LEGO bricks but have them accessible as well when you want to use them? This is an amazing LEGO organizer made with the MANDAL headboard (unfortunately discontinued. You can replace it with wooden slats) and GLIS boxes. See the GLIS LEGO bricks organizer.

#5 LEGO wall storage

LEGO wall storage

Now, this is one of the top LEGO storage ideas for fans of IKEA and LEGO. The BESTÅ doors can be transformed into giant LEGO plates. See the LEGO wall storage.

#6 LEGO storage and height adjustable TROFAST play table

LEGO storage play table

A height adjustable LEGO play table and storage unit that grows with your kids. This hack used the IKEA Trofast storage systems, with an adjustable shelf that serves as a surface for building. See more of the height adjustable LEGO play table and storage unit.

#6 LEGO Play table and storage

LEGO play table

Need a place for your kid to build his LEGO pieces? This DIY LEGO play table with drawer storage is the perfect solution! It’s so easy to make and affordable too. It uses the IKEA LACK side tables and TROFAST bins. A cheap and easy project anyone can make. And don’t you just love the red mini drawers with brick pulls? See more of the DIY LEGO play table with drawer storage.

#7 LEGO tray storage

LEGO tray storageThese 2 trays are perfect for containing LEGO bricks and even better at sliding away under the sofa at the end of the day. See more of the LEGO tray storage.

#8 LEGO table with undertable storage

LEGO table with undertable storage

It turns out that the large LACK coffee table is perfect as a LEGO play table. It is easy to fit 9 road plates and 2 large base plates with double-sided tape. See more of the LEGO table with undertable storage.

#10 Rolling LEGO storage cart

LEGO storage cart

Roll this LEGO storage cart to where the action is. When playtime is over, roll it away from sight. See more of the LEGO storage cart.

Here are also a few useful items to help you complete your IKEA + LEGO storage ideas. (contain affiliate links)

What other LEGO storage ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments.


Jules Yap