White Micke desk turned into Kids F1 desk


Materials: Micke desk, red Fastbo wall panel, Jules junior chair, Popptorp armchair, Jansjö desk led work lamp

I wanted a racing car themed desk for my son’s bedroom but all the ones that I could find didn’t please the eye, were either too big or not available in the UK, so I decided to come up with one myself.

1. Build the Micke desk as normal. The desk has a drawer so this is great for hiding all the clutter you kids have.


2. Centre the wall panel on the desk and check that the front edge is perfectly aligned with the desk. The panel has self-adhesive backing so you could clue it on but I used double sided tape instead in case my son decides that he will want to turn it into something else in a few years time.

3. Cut chequered self-adhesive vinyl into desired size and align with the outer edge of the desk with the other side going just over the wall panel to ensure there are no sharp corners left from the wall panel. I used two rows of 3,5cm x 3.5cm square sized vinyl on both sides. We used the reminder of the vinyl as a wall border as it is easy to apply and remove.

4. Add a self-adhesive hook to the side of the desk to allow your child to keep their school bag off the floor.


5. Complete with red jules junior chair.

We also placed a car themed cushion on the popptorp armchair with a black seat cushion to create a race car themed chair. The armchair is great for hiding toys as it offers concealed storage under the seat.

The desk lamp is jansjö work lamp.

~ Sasse