Discreet Router Placement in Ribba Frame


Materials: RIBBA frame

I wanted to put my wireless router in a position that gives better wifi coverage around my apartment. But I didn’t want it to be sticking out from the rest of the decor. So I decided to use the Ribba with a deep frame to hide my router.

Unfortunately, the deep frame Ribba only comes in black and white, and the rest of my Ikea frames were veneered. So I bought some “wood-style” stickers from Daiso to cover the frame of the Ribba.

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I created a few openings in the board behind to allow the wires to come out and to allow some ventilation for the router.

I also did some trunking so that the wires would not be seen. Basically, I needed trunking for the ethernet cable (one from the modem and one going out to a homeplug) and power supply.