endearing enetri

when pinky sent me her hack for the enetri unit, i was so distracted by all the cool stuff (the cameras, the tray!) on her display as well as the chic coffee table. while the enetri never caught my eye, it made me do a double take in here. it never looked so good.

pinky writes, “just saw your amazing website and thought i would send my own ikea project. when I moved to an apartment with much higher ceilings all of my stuff seemed ill-proportioned (plus that enetri shelving is rickety and generally irritating!). this is a media center of sorts courtesy of my (i think) discontinued console with the legs removed and the enetri unit screwed to the top. i took out one of the shelves to fit the electronics and covered the remaining ones with drawer liner. i’m pretty happy with it! oh and the sofas visible are also ikea, recovered with cotton duck and ikea curtain.”

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