Malm Nightstand morphs into mobile projector station


Materials: Brada laptop stand (black), Grundtal hanging shelf, LANSA handles, Malm nightstand (black-brown), Rill casters

We needed a way to use a projector, attached to a computer, for presentation purposes. It also had to be easy to transport, on wheels and have storage for all the related equipment. We were working with a height restriction of 27″ to fit into our vehicle for transport.

We looked at various options and finally settled on a Malm nightstand as the base of the cart. We attached Lansa handles to each side, and then attached a Grundtal shelf to each handle to hold the speakers. We purchased a Brada laptop stand and notched out the back to fit over the sides of the top drawer when extended, to prevent it from sliding. We added four Rill locking casters.


We used a Vareira drawer mat cut to fit the upper drawer bottom (tip: use a hair dryer to soften it and get it to lie flat) so we could store the projector in there without it sliding around. The deep bottom drawer stores all the cords, the Grundtal shelves, laptop stand, speakers and assorted paraphenalia. We added a heavy duty drawer pull with particle board screws on the back edge of the top, which is made of particle board, to assist in lifting it into the vehicle for transport. We added small pieces of velcro to one side of the drawer to prevent them from opening during transport.

The cart can be set up in minutes and everything stores quickly when finished, in a neat, compact and pretty stylish unit.

Jules Yap