Living Room vs Multi-media work at home office

Materials: Malm occasional tables, Expedit 2×4, Besta, Lillangen

Description: We needed a work@home desk to be included in our living room. But we didn’t want to see cables and PCs! We needed to fight against 2 desktop PCs, 2 laptops and 4 monitors. We opted for 2 Malm occasional tables (length 211 cm) to be used as shelves, without the legs. These 2 Malm have been hung between the wall on the right side and the Expedit 2×4 on the left. To do this, we used L profiled aluminium bars, screwed into the wall and into Expedit.

One Malm occasional table (length 191 cm) was used as sliding desk for hosting 2 keyboards a 2 laptops.
On the bottom, 1 Besta 20x120x64 with a Lillangen 20x60x64 contain 2 desktop PCs. We refined this base storage with Besta/Vara sliding doors with a structure 180 cm large.

When it is closed, cables disappear, as well as keyboards and laptops go under the monitors’ shelf!

~ FROLA, italy