Rustic Walnut-Stained Rast

photo (36)

Materials: RAST drawer

I know, I know, another Rast hack…but I think this will appeal to all those looking for a rustic, industrial look for a teen bedroom. I could not find a bedside table for my son’s room anywhere, and was not prepared to pay a fortune for what I did find. So, it was off to Ikea for a Rast unit.

I started off by staining all the pieces of wood with minwax pre stain, and then 3 coats of minwax special walnut, or until you get the desired colour you are looking for. I finished it off with 3 coats of poly.

rusticrast1 rusticrast2 rusticrast3

Before assembling, I cut off the base in order to get a uniform square look all around, and added two pices of wood that I cut to the right size, and then secured with 4 small brackets.

I then added 4 industrial wheels.

photo (35)

I looked everywhere for a long iron handle, couldn’t find anything at all, so I had three made at a small family-run iron welding place that I found. I gave them a picture of what I was looking for, they were so nice, so helpful, and so inexpensive. I attached them to the holes that were already there…and voila!

I think it looks amazing and works so well with the desk and shelves that I had already built in my son’s bedroom.

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Jules Yap