Sink-in Hallelujah feat.Boholmen The Cheap

DSCN2307 copia

Materials: Boholmen; Lagan

I was looking for a CHEAP solution for my country house kitchen in Italy.
Here we go:
– found an old IKEA shelf (which I didn’t list because I can’t name it),
– chopped it in half
– found an old wooden door
– burnt
– cut
– drilled
– putted the Boholmen sink ( €34.99) in it + Lagan faucet (€14.99)

Tot. cost: €49,98 !

DSCN2297 copia finestra flambe2 scaving2 bucherelling DSCN2294 copia DSCN2300 copia DSCN2308 copia

*window for free down the road and luckily I had all the equipment including the coating to make the window resistant to water*