A butler’s pantry


Materials: 2 x 18″AKURUM cabinets, 2 x LEDBERG, 2 x Perfekt wine shelves

I wanted to create a butler’s pantry, but the space I wanted to use was only 36 inches deep. I got the Perfekt wine shelves and they were perfect, however the cabinets were 24″ deep. Way too deep, I cut down each side to 18 inches, then assembled the box. I made a box of two by fours on the floor as a toe kick and support. I placed the PERFEKT, then the AKURUM, a space for books, another AKURUM and the last PERFEKT. Screwing all of them together and to the 2 by 4’s.

IMG_6172 IMG_6173

I made my own drawers and drawer fronts, everything at IKEA again was too deep. I used two 1 by 10’s glued together, stained and sealed for the top. For the lighting, you can find how to attach two sets of the LEDBERG together on this site.  This allowed us to go around an inside corner. We added an outlet that has a switch on it.

Jules Yap