Staggered Molger shelves

We needed some storage for our bathroom and liked the spa-like look of Ikea’s Molger shelves. However, we felt that have three side-by-side (which was the plan) looked pretty boring so we decided to stagger their height with some clever saw work. A few tips:

The safest way to do this is to lay the shelves on the floor, side-by side. Align them in the staggered way you want (with the top of the second-most shelf lined up with the second shelf of the tallest one and so on) and then pencil mark the legs of each “shorter” unit so that they line up with the bottom of the tallest shelf.

  • Use a miter box when cutting the legs in order to keep your cuts “square.”
  • When drilling the holes in the bottom of the “hacked” shelves, be sure to make the hole slightly smaller that the plastic, ribbed foot you’ll be inserting so that it fits snugly.

Making a mess:


Drilling holes for the feet:


Inserting the feet:


Testing the first, completed shelf (Lucy the chocolate lab is our QA inspector):


The final product: