Teacup Hooks for Hemnes Cabinet

Teacup Hooks for Hemnes

Materials: Hemnes Glass-door cabinet

We bought a Hemnes glass-door cabinet for our living/dining room as our china cabinet. Once we filled it up, we quickly realized how much wasted space there was–especially with our teacups!

I bought white, rubber-coated hooks from the hardware store big enough to comfortably hold the loop of our Crate & Barrel teacups, while still small enough that they wouldn’t easily sway. Then I checked to see if the screw portion of the hooks were short enough to not break through the top-side surface of the shelf.

I took a piece of drywall cut to the same shape of the shelf to use as a tester. Then I measured the center of the shelf and marked the test shelf, spacing hooks 5″ apart length-wise and width-wise, and 0.5″ from the back (the teacups have a diameter of 4″). Marking with a pencil, I made lines going across and then dotted where the hooks would go. I then installed the hooks into the test piece to make sure it had the right look.

Once I was happy with the placement, I carefully measured and lightly marked the actual shelf with pencil. To ensure the hooks would go in straight without stripping too much of the wood, I gently hammered pilot holes using a hammer & nail, removing the nail after creating each hole. Then I proceeded to screw in the hooks at eye level to make sure they were entering straight.

Finally, I oriented each hook with the opening facing inward, so if someone bumped into a teacup getting something else it would fall inward and not out and on the floor.

Now we have freed up space in the Hemnes cabinet and the teacups look awesome hanging perfectly spaced!