New cosy and safe cage for my chinchillas


Materials: Expedit Shelving Unit

1- Make doors for the cage with: wooden planks, metal grating (fixed with staples) + door buttons and 2 magnets (to keep them closed). Fix them with 3 hinges at both sides of the furniture.

2- Measure and saw a rectangle in flat plywood board, to make the back of the cage (like the back of a shelf). Fix it to the back of the cage with screws and metal rings.

3- Saw small holes (windows and doors for the animals, to permit them to come and go from square to square) inside the furniture, in the lateral planks of the middle, with a jigsaw.

4- Secure them from chewing with metal laths (glued with glue gun. Iron if the glue dries too quickly, to liquify the glue, replace or remove the lath.).

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5- You can place metal laths on each area on the front of the cage, to avoid chewing, for more safety (if rodents, for instance).

6- Provide 1 or 2 tubs to put litter inside + 1 for the sand (for chinchillas, degus, …). Place a bottle of water, and some food bowls.

7- Put some boxes for the animals to hide and sleep in, some wooden objects to chew, toys, etc. to make the cage cosy and safe!