5-minute Hacks To Keep Your Furry Friends Happy

ikea hack for pets

Do we have time for a full-on IKEA hack for our pets? Not always.

But 5 minutes? Yes, we can!

You can repurpose some of the IKEA things you already have to make it better or more fun for your dog, cat or bunny.

We found eight 5-minute hacks, more or less, to get you started. Let us know if you’ve already tried one or all.

#1 Give them a grooming session

The BÄSTIS lint roller isn’t just useful for picking up dust and lint from garments, furniture and car seats. It works great on your furry one too. And by the look on his face, doggo loves his grooming sesh. You can also hack one especially for your dog.

#2 Make space for a cap nap

This one from Andreas is quite simple, if you have a KALLAX unit. Fold up a POLARVIDE blanket into a square and drop it into one of the cubbies. His specialist tester immediately went for it. She approves. Her brother is a little too fat and doesn’t fit.

cat nap
#3 Transform a chair pad into a cat hammock

This is probably the easiest way to make a cushy cat hammock, if you have a chair with side bars for resting the feet. Sew on two more Velcro loops on the ends of MALINDA chair pad. Then just loop them around the legs to hang the cushion.

IKEA hack for pets - cat hammock
#4 Give them a blue bag

Maybe it’s the crinkly sound it makes, or the texture, colour or a combination of everything. But cats seem to love the IKEA FRAKTA. Throw them a bag and it’ll keep themselves entertained for hours.

#5 Take them for a ride

Dogs, however, prefer to use the FRAKTA differently.

Just cut holes in the bag to fit in legs.

#6 Make a hidey hole

If you can use a pair of scissors, you can make this cat cave. Get a DRÖNA fabric box from IKEA and get to work. It’ll take you 10 minutes tops, not including the “going to IKEA bit”. See the tutorial.

IKEA hack for pets - cat cave
#7 Crate to bed

Lorelei shares this TikTok inspired bunny bed. She used a wine crate but you can easily swap it out for an IKEA KNAGGLIG crate.

All you need to do is remove the first two rows of wood. Do check that no nails remain where the panels were secured. Screw on furniture legs if your bunny likes a raised bed. This should work for a cat or small dog too.

#8 Make a highway

Short legs pose a problem when trying to get up to the sofa or bed. Make a ramp for your furry one. The dog ramp pictured below used the RAST nightstand and an EKBY JARPEN shelf. Both items are sadly discontinued.

IKEA hack for pets - dog ramp

A KNAGGLIG crate placed upside down and a HEJNE shelf can work as well. Attach the HEJNE shelf to the KNAGGLIG with hinges. Staple on a few KRISTRUP door mats to close up the gaps and for grip.

Which one will you try first?

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