RUSCH clock wall lamp

rsz foto 4



  • LED strip (you can use Ikea DIODER)
  • Wires
  • A switch
  • A 12V ac/dc adapter
  • Dc jack
  • Hot glue or tape


How to make (step by step)

    1. Remove the packaging from the clock.
    2. Make the LED strip on the clock , make sure the wire is at the underside of the clock .
    3. Cut the wire in 2 different pieces and make a switch between these 2 wires.
    4. Now, hot glue or tape the wire on the clock.
    5. On the end of the wire solder a dc jack, make sure the positive and negative wires are lined up correctly.
    6. Put a battery in the clock and set the time.
    7. connect the adapter to your clock and test it.
    8. If it’s working you are done!
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