Electronic Planisphere with Arduino Uno


Materials: Ribba Framework 70*100 cm

I wanted to build an electronic planisphere as i could not find anything that suited me. In fact, I didn’t find any.

I finally bought an Ikea Ribba Frame, some blue LEDs, an Arduino Uno, some shift registers, an LCD 16*2, resistors, breadboards, soldering iron, tin, wires, and started to build a prototype.

The coding is quite simple, what I wanted to do is to place a LED on the country we’ve visited, light the LED and write on the LCD the country and city we discovered.

I finally got what you’ll see on the picture linked to this post, and you can see if you want on this link the video of it.

Hope you’ll apreciate this, at least i had a lot of fun with trying to do this electronic planisphere, that is not so expensive (about 35 €).

~ Eric