Unboxing the IKEA BookBook aka the 2015 IKEA Catalog

The morning after I touched down from the trip, still groggy from jet lag I heard my doorbell chime ding-dong. I slinked out of bed and answered the door, only to have the delivery guy shove this huge box to my face.

I was expecting some materials from the IKEA Malaysia’s Social Media Agency but this … this was heavy! I ripped open the brown paper and the 2015 IKEA catalog in – wait – an Apple box?

ikea catalogue 2015 the bookbook

So I rubbed my eyes and immediately saw a parody! IKEA taking a bite out of classic Apple launches.

It is clever, in some ways, to launch the catalog as a “new breakthrough device” which needs no cables, suffers no lag and has content pre-installed. It claims to be a device so simple and intuitive that using it seems almost familiar. It’s an IKEA BookBook ™, a reminder for those who have long forgotten what it feels like to hold bound paper in their hands.

IKEA BookBook — the power of a book

On opening the box, it reveals the new 2015 catalog and, my oh my, it’s the limited edition XXL version. Sweet.

in a box like an apple device
IKEA bookbook in an apple lookalike box

It even comes with a tongue-in-cheek Quick Start Guide showing you how to use the original touch interface (simply touch and drag to browse), the eternal battery life and “zoom” features. (Just move your head closer to the pages.) Of course, no launch is complete without a video. It’s fun and shamelessly spoofs the clean, crisp look of Apple ads. Watch it below.

instruction manual on how to use the book
Inside pages of the catalog

Once you get pass the spoof, it’s all IKEA. The catalog is as it has always been – filled with gorgeous room sets (which we now know is not always what they seem), inspiration and ideas – stuff that make you want to whip out your credit card and go on a buying frenzy. (See my earlier sneak peek at the catalog)

ikea catalogue 2015 the bookbook

Lastly, here’s the regular catalog (direct from Sweden) on top of the XXL Malaysian copy. The XXL catalog is almost double the size and triple the weight. I need to spread it out on my dining table to view it and I can’t hold it up in one hand. Not quite “user friendly” if you ask me, so I doubt I will be using the XXL much. I guess I can think of it as a desktop version and the regular catalog as my tablet. Crazy, I know.

And especially for my Malaysian readers, the 2015 IKEA Catalog will be sent to most homes in Klang Valley from now until 7 September. You can also rush to the IKEA store from 8 September onwards to pick up a copy. If you want the XXL version, IKEA Malaysia is giving out 150 copies on 12 Sept at the Damansara store. You may want to be bright and early to snap it up.

As expected, the quirky launch idea is making waves on social media and news portals. Well done, BBH.

Jules Yap